It's no secret that microgreens are extremely popular because of the variety of nutritious combinations found inside. They are also wildly popular for their versatile flavors! These three microgreens are no exception with their peppery aromatic notes the Micro Radish, Micro Mustard, and Micro Mizuna will give your dish the deserves.


Micro Radish

The  Micro Radish gained its popularity in the 1990s for its crisp look and texture as well as its zingy peppery flavor. This microgreen has been known to be the perfect garnish to many Asian staples like curries or noodle dishes. With simplicity in mind, Micro Radish is just as amazing for layering a sandwich or a salad that is in need of an extra kick. Known being an excellent source of vitamin C, E, and K along with having the highest concentrations of carotenoids. That not only makes Micro Radishes a delicious option but a healthy one too!

Micro Mizuna

 Micro Mizuna is a very versatile microgreen that can be enjoyed cooked, fresh or pickled. It's great on plates of pasta, pizzas, salads, and grain bowls. There are virtually endless possible ways to enjoy this peppery leafy green. In this case, the more the better because  Micro Mizuna is packed full of immune-boosting vitamin C and iron along with so many other beneficial components.



Micro Mustard

 Micro Mustard is definitely one of a kind! It is known as one of the most salubrious greens! Extremely high in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, K as well as the amount of fiber and protein. It also contains variants that can serve as a great decongestant.  Micro Mustard is widely used in Indian culture. You can find it added to dishes like Punjabi or Sarson Ka Saag. It can also be added to virtually any soup when in need of a zesty surprise.

If you are looking for ways to boost your overall health while spicing up your recipes these three microgreens are the way to do it! Gaballi makes it easy to grow and enjoy the snappy cruciferous vegetable. To learn more about how to grow your own visit us at Gaballi.